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my nala left me


…. My hubby had a terrible accident in 2011 and sustained a TBI and this dog saw me through all of it. She would comfort me when I was crying, lay by me, and just be that dog. BTW she also chewed 5 couches. Sweet right?
Yet, what a sweetheart she was. No one and I mean no one could do harm to us, holy cow what the protector she was. …

My Nala Left Us karij
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Fighting for justice means fighting for justice for all of us and not playing around with the colour of skin. Focus on justice. i am a scientist for educ./psychoanalysis/art - and frankly speaking a savant - discovered that I can do more with blogs & social networks for humans in shadow, children in shadow, animals in need et al - I have some more blogs, please, visit them p.e.: Curi56blog et al. I am glad to meet YOU here: Annamaria thank you Annamaria

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