German peasants: a disgusting rabble

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

May 29, 2020, 5:50 p.m.

The basic intention of conventional German media is to sell us for stupid.

I quote from the local newspaper “Nordkurier”, which very shamefully describes the following incident:

“It was long unclear whether a wolf was actually responsible for the disappearance of an entire flock of sheep near Strasburg (northern Germany).

Now it is clear: yes, he was (!!!)

It was the wolf!

The crack incident near of …. could be clearly assigned to the wolf by genetic testing, the district spokesman said on Friday at the request of “Nordkurier” Newspaper.

Around 50 animals (!!!) died on the meadow in the middle of the month, including more than 30 lambs.

The wolf “used” dead animals again (!!).

“There have been several cases in Krackow (North Germany)  indicating that the wolf will reuse the dead animals or stillbirths,” said the spokesman.


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Will the Coronavirus Pandemic force China to Close Wildlife Markets? | DW News

Will the coronavirus pandemic force China to close wildlife markets? | DW News


China is facing pressure globally to crack down on its so-called wet markets, where produce and live animals are often sold together. Scientists have speculated that the current coronavirus outbreak in humans might have begun at a market in the city of Wuhan. One hypothesis is that the virus could have jumped from bats to pangolins to people, in turn causing a global health emergency. As the virus spread in January, China responded by slapping a ban on the trade and consumption of wildlife. Some of the markets were also temporarily closed. In the months since, they’ve been reopening – with new restrictions. But analysts say it’s not yet clear whether China will really clamp down on what’s being sold inside in the long run. It’s unclear how many markets were affected by the ban on trading wildlife. But experts estimate that the markets selling live wild animals like pangolins before the outbreak could have numbered in the hundreds.

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Spain: The bullfighting industry is broke — Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

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