The Goodfellow tree Kangaroo — World Animals Voice

This cute kangaroo is endemic to the Huon Peninsula in northeast New Guinea. A population on Umboi Island was likely introduced by humans. The Goodfellow tree kangaroo is a medium-sized, short-tailed tree kangaroo. Unlike the kangaroo we know, the fluffy tree kangaroo doesn’t live on the ground, but rather in the high treetops of the […]

The Goodfellow tree Kangaroo — World Animals Voice

UK DEFRA gassing chickens? — OffGuardian

The Ice Age Farmer channel is reporting anecdotal claims of localised chicken culls in the UK, focused on small or medium producers, allegedly in response to Bird Flu, but perceived by him as a directed move against independent sources of food. Can anyone in the UK shed further light on this? Please let us know…

UK DEFRA gassing chickens? — OffGuardian