That Is Not How Your Brain Works - by F. Kaskais

LIZARD BRAIN: Why does the tale linger that our instincts stem from a part of our brain inherited from reptilian ancestors? Because if bad behavior stems from our inner beasts, then we’re less responsible for some of our actions.Galina Gala / Shutterstock

Forget these scientific myths to better understand your brain and yourself.


The 21st century is a time of great scientific discovery. Cars are driving themselves. Vaccines against deadly new viruses are created in less than a year. The latest Mars Rover is hunting for signs of alien life. But we’re also surrounded with scientific myths: outdated beliefs that make their way regularly into news stories.

Being wrong is a normal and inevitable part of the scientific process. We scientists do our best with the tools we have, until new tools extend our senses and let us probe more deeply, broadly, or precisely. Over…

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