💥LAST CALL FOR SNOW💥MEMPHIS, TN #a301329 – 28# – 1 yr old “Snow” 1/5/18 – Almost Starved to death living on a Chain. Confiscated by Police for Cruelty – It’s NOT his fault for his behavior @ the shelter.

Cheryl Fredrickson Gonzalez

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💥LAST CALL FOR SNOW💥MEMPHIS, TN #a301329 – 28# – 1 yr old “Snow” 1/5/18 – Almost Starved to death living on a Chain. Confiscated by Police for Cruelty – It’s NOT his fault for his behavior @ the shelter. He is being aggressive & he can’t help it. His poor brain probably doesn’t know any other way to act. His “owner” is to blame & I hate him for doing what he did to this poor boy. **No longer on hold for cruelty case**
**Located in Bite Quarantine** HW positive
If there’s anyone that could possibly save him, please do so ASAP. Email by 5:00am – Memphis Animal Services
I doubt Snow will be given much time due to his behavior.

Elephant spontaneusly plays piano duet / Video


12 Bar Blues – Piano Duet with Peter the Elephant – Thailand: http://youtu.be/hjsu3SGAdLs via @YouTube

July 01, 2013

Peter the elephant loves the piano music so much he decided to join in. PaulBartonPiano, who posted the video, said that Peter played the blues “entirely on his own accord”. Peter lives at Elephantstay, a non-profit program at the Royal Elephant Kraal & Village in Thailand. He seems to crack a smile while playing the duet, and the elephant next to him is enjoying the tune too. PaulBartonPiano writes, “I’ve noticed elephants, such as Peter have moods at different times of day. Usually in the cooler early evening before nightfall (In Thailand) they are in a more relaxed and potentially playful mood.” – See more at:


Two Pictures of Hermann Hesse could make you smile:

English: Hermann Hesse's signature. Under Unit...
English: Hermann Hesse’s signature. Under United States Copyright Law, signatures are not eligible for copyright, as they are “titles, names…mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering, or coloring”. (see here) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bildnis Hermann Hesse. Brustbild. Tempera auf ...
Bildnis Hermann Hesse. Brustbild. Tempera auf Kart. Ca. 33,5 x 27,5 cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse – novelist, poet, and painter – most famous for writing the spiritual journey of Siddhartha and the semi-autobiographical Steppenwolf. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. At the time of his death, Hesse was practically unknown in the United States, but in the mid-’60s, Hesse’s works became bestsellers, celebrated among the counter-culture hippie movement.

I could not find a scrap of information regarding Hesse and his cat, but I do know that these two pictures of him with a feline friend make me smile.

“There is a single magic, a single power, a single salvation, and a single happiness, and that is called loving.”

– Hermann Hesse


Please sign and share this petition if you are against this http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Horses_eviscerated_alive_for_fun/?fQLnCab&pv=2
he pain and suffering inflicted on the horses is immense. The fact that this is a “public event” witnessed by all, including children is very harmful to all. This EVENT TEACHES THAT VIOLENCE AND CRUELTY IS FUN. They call it a feast. In the state of Yucatan, Mexico there is a “rodeo” type event called “Torneo de Lazo” where bulls ram horses and eviscerate them. THIS CAUSES A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF PAIN TO THE HORSES. These horses usually collapse and while still alive continue to get trampled by bulls and other horses during the length of this violent and cruel event where horsemen try to lasso the running, charging bulls (the bulls are specifically bred and trained to ram horses).
Although it is against the law, this is only in name. Mexico’s federal government as well as the local authorities do nothing to stop this. This event takes place state wide all year round.
Please demand the Mexican government to put and end to this barbaric event.

Super Mice Performs Amazing Tricks!

Watch These Mighty Mice Perform Amazing Tricks, Be Extremely Agile and Adorable

Watch These Mighty Mice Perform Amazing Tricks, Be Extremely Agile and Adorable

Watch These Mighty Mice Perform Amazing Tricks, Be Extremely Agile and AdorableI love mice, they’re so cute and smart, and they’re much maligned and feared by humans even though we’re the ones who terrorize them. Anyway, let’s take a minute to appreciate how great these little ones are, and how we are all just crazy animals trying to survive on planet earth. I don’t know what I’m saying but I just watched American Tail and I’m feeling pretty vulnerable. Fievel Mousekewitz, this one’s for you! (You too, Gussie Mausheimer! You plan that rawwy, you adorable miniature fur ball!)




eating animals : the consequences

Animals Australia

Annamaria — please take a day off. You deserve it. Take a day off from worries, from bad hair, traffic jams, and particularly, from annoying TV ads…Speaking of ads — it’s hard not to notice that Meat & Livestock Australia has hijacked Australia Day! Strewth — any visiting tourist would think that Sam Kekovich is the father of Australia and that it’s a local tradition to lob a little lamb on the barbie to prove how Australian you are! Crikey — it’s just a multimillion dollar marketing campaign to sell more lamb!

We thought Straya (‘Australia’ for our overseas friends) was all about a fair go for all; about sticking up for the undersheepdog; and above all, about looking out for our mates (four legged mates included of course).

Help us take back Australia Day in the true Aussie spirit — a day when EVERYONE deserves a day off…

This Australia Day, EVERYONE deserves a day off!

Okay, so we’re ‘taking the piss’ (a bit). But really, MLA’s campaign to urge Aussies to eat more animals should be no laughing matter. Apart from the fact that lambs are so super cute, Australians are facing a rising obesity and heart disease epidemic — conditions linked to the over consumption of animal products. Our planet’s health is suffering too. This month we sweltered through the hottest day on record — all the while our pollies conveniently ignored the fact that farming animals for food is creating more climate-warming greenhouse gasses than all of the world’s planes, trains and automobiles combined.

It’s enough to send you bonkers!

So this Australia Day, we’re calling on all true-blue Aussies to help animals, our health, and our planet — by throwing some cruelty-free tucker on the barbie. Because being Australian is more than just abbreviating all your words with the letter ‘o’. Bloody oath. It’s about taking a stand. Doing what’s right. And hosting a BBQ that will be the envy of all your neighbours. Click here and we’ll show you how!

Whatever you get up to on your day off, we wish you a happy, safe, rip-snorter of a day.

Cheers, from your mates at Animals Australia.

P.S. We need your help to spread the word that animals deserve a day off too. It’s easy. Tell your folks. Tell your mates. Share this funny video on Facebook and Twitter. Forget John Farnham — this year, YOU’RE the voice!