Australian government may ban environmental boycotts

Australian government may ban environmental boycotts Parliamentary secretary says there is ‘an appetite’ for removing environmental groups’ exemption from secondary boycotts ban   Lenore Taylor, political editor Follow @lenoretaylorFollow @guardianaus, Thursday 3 April 2014 00.11 BST A still from GetUp!’s NoHarveyNo campaign. Photograph: GetUp! Coalition MPs and industry groups are using a review of […]

Extreme Ausdehnung von Todeszonen in der Ostsee

EXTREME AUSDEHNUNG VON TODESZONEN IN DER OSTSEE dpa – vor 10 Stunden dpa/ESA – Satellitenaufnahme mit Algenblüte im Danziger Becken. Foto: ESA/Archiv Die Todeszonen in der Ostsee haben sich einer Studie zufolge extrem ausgedehnt – von 5000 Quadratkilometern um 1900 auf inzwischen 60 000 Quadratkilometer. Schuld ist vor allem der starke Eintrag von Nährstoffen, aber auch der […]

Woman Trucks in Food to Save African Herds from Starvation

Woman Trucks in Food to Save African Herds from Starvation by Laura Simpson August 13, 2013 7:00 pm                               (PHOTO ABOVE: night vision photography reveals hippo grazing on  trucked-in food) Conservationist Karen Paolillo takes a deep breath and opens the screen door  to her cottage nestled along the Turgwe River at the Save Valley […] Alle Proteste helfen nicht – Japan schlachtet Delfine ab! Rick Ò`Barry: Save Japan Dolphins!

Delfine im Meer vor der japanischen Küste. Donnerstag, 02. September 2010 – but nothing changed! Alle Proteste helfen nichtJapan schlachtet Delfine ab Alljährlich spielt sich in der japanischen Bucht von Taiji ein grausames Ritual ab. Dort werden dutzende Delfine abgeschlachtet, ein Teil der Tiere landet sogar im Handel. Tierschützer versuchen seit Jahren, das zu […]

BIKE COMMUTING SKYROCKETING, esp. in “Bike Friendly Communities”

Bike Commuting Skyrocketing, Especially In “Bike Friendly Communities” Posted: 25 May 2013 09:17 AM PDT Here are a couple reposts from Bikocity. The first documents the rise of bike commuting in the US, especially in “Bicycle Friendly Communities” and 10 key cities. The second repost is about how Bicycle Friendly Communities are evaluated. Check them […]

Amphibian News: Killer Fungus Found In Third Major Amphibian Group, USGS Amphibian Survey Findings `Alarming`

Amphibian News: Killer Fungus Found In Third Major Amphibian Group, USGS Amphibian Survey Findings ‘Alarming’ Posted: 25 May 2013 02:29 PM PDT Geotrypetes seraphini, a caecilian from Cameroon that tested positive for the chytrid fungus. Courtesy of the National History Museum, via Scientific American Two important amphibian news items to report here…the first regards the […]

Very Rare Leopards Caught On Camera

Very Rare Leopards Caught On Camera Posted: 23 May 2013 11:38 AM PDT Critically endangered Javan leopards have been caught on digital camera traps in West Java. If you have been following conservation news, you know that the Formosan Cloud Leopard was recently declared extinct. They were driven into extinction by human activities. So it […]