To Stop Dolphins´& Whales´Captivity in Japan: No More Captives. Set the Captives Free. SIGN PETITIONS, please

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To stop dolphins and whales captivity in japan. no more captives. Set the captives free.
by toshio yashiro / time , Non Profit Individual Saturday Jul 20th, 2013 6:49 AM

Truth of a dolphin show.  This photograph that is hard to believe was taken by the Taiwan photographer Huang-Ju Chen. 

©Huang-Ju Chen (Taiwan) “The dolphin show ” / Natural History Museum

This is one of the precious proof proving the ability of man not to keep a dolphins and whales.  On the reverse side of the gay dolphin show, the dolphin which cannot appeal against the present condition has suffered abuse. There are no animal welfare lows in japan for dolphins and whales in captivity.  A family is killed cruelly and they are caught.  They are caught for a dolphin show and the dolphins which were not selected were killed.  This unjust repetition is continued for many years for many years. so sad!
  I presented this photograph and asked other cleaning methods to WAZA  My question was disregarded. All the organizations also ignored my question.  This goes on in USA, in Europe, and everywhere else dolphins are held in tanks.”  Other cleaning methods do not exist.  dolphins are lying on the bare floor of an aquarium tank in Japan while workers clean grime and goop off the walls.  * A certain prominent specialist says that the same cleaning method goes on at all of the 51 dolphin abusement parks in Japan. Many whales and dolphin specialists have appealed against this cruelty.
Please show this photograph to the children who want to see dolphins at dolphin amusement Place.  And please educate to children.
“India bans captive dolphin shows, says they should be considered ‘non-human’ people”.
The petitions were launched by three communities and I hope you can sign.
We have to terminate this history of blood.
Please sign the petititon to stop dolphins and whales captivity in japan,and set them free.  Please share this with your family and friends.  Please make this spread.
I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to “the anti-whaling country, ngo, npo,overseas media and Journalist, specialist, and individual” who are doing hard work for ending of japanese whaling.  love you.
thank you for your time & Support:
toshio yashiro / time ,
Non Profit Individual Tokyo japan
by toshio yashiro / time , Non Profit Individual  Saturday Jul 20th, 2013 6:49 AM
by toshio yashiro / time , Non Profit Individual  Saturday Jul 20th, 2013 6:49 AM

Petitions of Boycott ” World Heritage in japan ” for saving whale and dolphin.

by toshio yashiro / time ・Non Profit Individual  Sunday Jul 21st, 2013 2:07 AM
This is negotiation between the world and japanese Governors. I will not visit “World Heritage in japan” as long as each Prefecture continues slaughter and captures of dolphins , small whales. as a tourist.
June, 2013  “Mt. Fuji “was registered to world heritage.
The place in many worlds expects registration to world heritage aimed at obtaining the tourist. Of course World Heritage is an international sightseeing spot. so every places want to be.
2004 Kumano. (Taiji /wakayama prefecture) 
2005 Shiretoko. (hokkai dou) 
2011 Hiraizumi. (Otsuchi , Kamaishi /iwate prefecture) 
2013 Mt. Fuji. (Ito/ shizuoka prefecture)
One after another, world heritage authorization is given to the prefecture with the homeport of coastal whaling and a big whaler.
The power of a whaling lobby group is mighty? They have a perfect fund based on tax? this is so weird, is’t it ? The beginning of 2013, It is too famous that “tsunami revival money” was used for whaling industry.
The animal protection law of our country is not adapted for the coastal sea mammals. It is a very sly skillful law.
The governor of each prefecture gives permission of coastal dolphin fishery .  The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries gives permission of coastal whaling.
Each Prefectures never stops slaughter and captures of dolphins and small whales for the reason of important “resources”
They express a dolphin as “marine resources” frequently.
A slaughter, dealing, a slave,,,,,, anything they want .
“India bans captive dolphin shows, says they should be considered ‘non-human’ people” What difference it is!
The tourists from the world must be important “resources” for each prefectures.  Which do they want to choose for the future?  Continuation of [dolphins and small whales ]capture and slaughter ? or The tourist from the world?  This is negotiation between the world and Prefectures.  The petitions of  “the world heritage boycott” were launched by three communities and I hope you can sign. _______________________________________________________________________________
*The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries holds up a broken theory, and is continuing fake” research whaling” by the Antarctic Ocean. 
This his important testimony should be deliberated by the International Court of Justice. Because, he has denied the title of “research whaling “himself. The Japanese government wants to make it thought “Japanese people need ingestion of whale meat” for overseas, and is desperate. *In Japan, the balance of “the demand and supply” of whale meat has collapsed long ago.  They have 5000 t. ~ 6000 t. of frozen stockpile meat.  This slaughter is continued why? And whaling by the Antarctic Ocean of a Self-Defense-Forces guard. * Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) controls major media, and many of Japanese of “whether the world is angry about what” are still ignorant about a whale issue.  *The Japanese government bought the vote of IWC with ODA money, and filled this slaughter even with Government Recovery Funds Stokes. *Icelandic the endangered fin whale whale hunt were resumed. For the reason exported to Japan . (Many Japanese do not know that fin is endangered species. It does not know that Iceland resumed whaling for Japan, either. Furthermore, a dog snack is not known, either.)
Liar! This is already enough. !!!!!!
Don’t let the Japanese government run into loophole. If the international law about a whale slaughter and a whale meat trade does not exist, in order to judge Japan, we should enact new international law.
Whaling is top priority. The logic of the global standard is refused and all the fake logic was attached later.
A wise man says .  “whales are migratory across the entire ocean . “
It is a stage of a boycott to Japan which continues disregard for the world in a whale issue. _______________________________________________________________________________
*This unnecessary whale, dolphin In order to make slaughter stopped, the anti-whaling country in the world, npo, ngo, overseas media and Journalist, specialist, and and individual in the world are doing their best.  I thank to them from the bottom of my heart. love you. The Japanese government ignores the big contrary from the world and they are moving in order to nationalize the whaling industry.  The world must not accept Industry only “the slaughter act and factory process” to other species. Just now, Australia and New Zealand are fighting with Japan in the International Court of Justice for the whale.  Justice should be absolute and there should be so.
The 21st century.  The continuation of whaling of Japan is one of issue of the worldwide scale which should be most apprehended against other species.
An economically advanced country is not necessarily a moral advanced nation.
Many specialists are inquiring about the dolphin.  I am not in a speciality.  Please investigate details.
Please take action. Please share this with your friends.  Please make this spread.
thank you for your time.  Sincerely,
for kulfi
toshio yashiro / time , Non Profit Individual Tokyo japan

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Location of Taiji in Wakayama
Location of Taiji in Wakayama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japan schlachtet Zehntausende Delfine ab

              In Japan hat die alljährliche Delfin-Treibjagd begonnen. Bis zu 20.000 Tiere sollen getötet werden. Tierschützer protestieren und warnen davor, das Fleisch zu verzehren. Denn die Säugetiere seien hochgradig verseucht. Die Tiere werden auch nach Deutschland exportiert.


Foto: REUTERSBild teilen        

        Bild teilen

Ungeachtet von Protesten internationaler Umweltschutzorganisationen schlachten japanische Fischer mit Billigung der Regierung vor ihrer Küste derzeit Tausende von Delfinen ab. Der alljährlichen Treibjagd fallen zwischen 16.000 und mehr als 20.000 Tiere zum Opfer. Ein Teil des Fleisches der mit Lanzen, Haken und Messern abgestochenen Kleinwale gelangt in den Handel. Tierschützer schlagen jetzt Alarm: “Das Delfinfleisch ist hochgradig quecksilberverseucht”, warnte der Delfinschützer Richard O’Barry am Montag in Tokio. Es sei ein “Skandal”, dass die japanische Regierung der Bevölkerung das Gemetzel und die extreme Vergiftung verheimliche.

In der Walfangstadt Taiji, rund 700 Kilometer südlich von Tokio, werden unter Mithilfe von Delfintrainern in einer Lagune einzelne besonders schöne Delfine im Auftrag von Aquarien und Delfinarien aus aller Welt ausgesucht und für viel Geld verkauft. Der Rest wird in einer abgeschirmten Nachbarbucht abgestochen. Die boomende Delfinariums-Industrie biete erst den finanziellen Anreiz, um die brutale Treibjagd in Taiji in Gang zu halten, beklagte O’Barry im Gespräch mit der Deutschen Presse-Agentur dpa. Der Amerikaner war in den 60er Jahren Trainer der Delfine für die Fernsehserie “Flipper”, seit 1970 kämpft er weltweit aktiv für den Schutz der Meeressäuger.

Für bis zu 200.000 Dollar (150.000 Euro) werden die Delfine nach Angaben von O’Barry gehandelt. Er habe gehört, dass die nächste Lieferung an Delfinen nach Deutschland gehen soll, sagte der Delfinschützer am Tag vor seiner Abreise nach Taiji. Er forderte den Weltverband der Zoos und Aquarien (Waza) mit Sitz im schweizerischen Bern auf, die Mitgliedsorganisationen zu beaufsichtigen und daran zu hindern, sich an dem Handel mit den bei der grausamen Treibjagd in Taiji gefangenen Tiere zu beteiligen. Ohne diese Nachfrage käme die Jagd zum Erliegen.

Suffering`s End: Mother Bear Kills Cub and Self to Escape Life of Bile “Milking”

Mother Bear Kills Cub and Self to Escape Life of Bile “Milking”

Mother Bear Kills Cub and Self to Escape Life of Bile “Milking”

A mother killed her baby and herself to end the torture of life on a  bear bile farm. She hugged her cub until it suffocated, then drove her own head  into a wall.

Bear bile is prized in traditional Chinese medicine, and the  demand for it has led to mass production. Bear farmers lock moon bears into “crush cages,” so small the bears can’t move. Then farmers puncture their gall  bladders to siphon off their bile.

The resulting wound stays open because farmers force needles or shunts into  it so often. It becomes “susceptible to infections and diseases which can cause  the animals unbearable pain,” according to the Daily Mail. Also common are broken teeth from biting on the bars of  cages, painful foot conditions and even malignant tumors.

This can go on for 20 years, until the bear stops producing bile and is killed.  More than 12,000 bears are caged on bile farms.

The following video contains some disturbing images.Video credit: Animals Asia  Please, visit the O-Site to watch Video! Thank You!

What A Mother Bear Knows

Moon bears have large vocabularies and lots of smarts. They know what is  going on.

This mother reacted immediately when her cub cried of distress because  farmers were puncturing its gall bladder for the first time. She broke out of  her own cage and into her cub’s cage and did the only thing she could to save  her baby from suffering.

This story is heartbreaking, but it is also an illustration of moon bears’ intelligence. Consider what this bear had to understand to do what she did: that  what the farmers were doing felt the same way to someone else as it did when  they did it to her; that the farmers would keep on doing this to her baby again  and again; and the nature of death — namely, that it would end everything.

Consider also the depth of her devotion to her cub: she broke out of her  cage, which she must have been able to do before but never did — or else she had  one of those moments of super-adrenaline that allow mothers to lift cars off their children; and after she hugged her baby  to death, she killed herself. The Daily Mail says she killed herself to end her torture,  but she could have done that before. I think that may have been part of it, but  mostly she killed herself because she had killed her cub.

This moon bear isn’t the only mother trapped in a factory farm who has gone  to extremes to protect her young. Veterinarian Holly Cheever tells the tale of a dairy cow she treated who had given birth four  times, and had her newborn confiscated every time. The fifth time, out in  pasture at night and without humans around (obviously this happened a while ago,  before factory farming had adopted near-constant restraints), she had twins.  This cow understood that the farmer knew she had been pregnant, that he was  expecting a calf, and that he would take her calves away as he had all her  previous babies. So she hatched a plan.

In the morning she brought one of her calves to the farmer, so that he would  be satisfied. She hid the other calf in the woods at the edge of the pasture. “Every day and every night, she stayed with her baby — the first she had been  able to nurture FINALLY — and her calf nursed her dry with gusto,” Cheever relates.

That gusto led to a glitch the poor mother had not anticipated. Her udder was  empty every time the farmer tried to milk her. Eventually he figured things out,  found the bull calf, and stole him away for a short, miserable life in a veal  crate. His mother’s efforts may not have bought him that much time, but they did  reveal how smart she was and how capable of love.

Moon Bears and Their Bile

CITES lists moon bears as one of the most critically endangered species in  the world. Any trade in them or their parts is illegal. Estimates of their population vary; some estimate  that in all of Asia there are only 16,000 moon bears in the wild.

Many experts, including some practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, say that  there are herbal or synthetic alternatives that have the same effects  as bear bile and its active ingredient, ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA).

Bile farmers are producing too much bile. The market is saturated. Rather than scale down their  operations, they keep the bears caged and keep suctioning fluids out of live  bears’ bellies, then sell the result in the form of non-therapeutic products  like shampoo. Those non-medicinal products account for half of the bile farmers  sell.

Please watch the above video from advocacy group Animals Asia for more  information on the plight of moon bears.

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Baby Zimbabwe elephantsKeep Wild Elephants Out Of Chinese Zoos

Zimbabwe officials could soon decide whether to ship up to six more baby elephants to zoos in China. One of four sent to Chinese zoos in November has already died due to the stress of capture, transport, and the brutal conditions at a zoo. Reports say additional elephants are being held for export. All were taken from the wild and face a grim future if sent to China. Please send an email today to the Zimbabwe Minister of Environment and the Director of National Parks. Ask them to halt any future export of elephants and instead work with conservation organizations to rehabilitate the calves back into the wild.

Send your email to: Mr. Francis Nhema, Minister of Environment, Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources:; and Mr. Edson Chidziya, Acting Director of National Parks, Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority:

Animals: chimps face death like humans do (


Chimps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animals: Chimps Face Death Like Humans Do

Chimpanzees may confront death in a lot of the same ways we do, researchers suggest. Their findings show chimps grieving, holding bedside vigils and even having a hard time ‘letting go’ of the departed. Jorge Ribas reports.


Two bears

thank You to Luree!


  • Footage was filmed secretly by a western visitor in capital Pyongyang
  • The 3,500 onlookers laughed as the animals followed the trainer’s commands
  • Animals rights campaigners said show ‘has no place in civilised society’
  • Tickets are only for the rich, costing up to £16 each – compared to the average North Korean worker’s monthly salary of £29

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Victory – Toronto Zoo Elephants Headed For PAWS-Sanctuary

Toronto Zoo elephantVictory – Toronto Zoo Elephants Headed For PAWS Sanctuary

In a great win for elephants, the Toronto City Council voted to send the Toronto Zoo’s African elephants, Thika, Iringa and Toka, to the PAWS Sanctuary in California. The council had voted in May to close the zoo’s elephant exhibit, but decided to send the elephants to another zoo, not a sanctuary. However, things turned around this week when Councillor Michelle Berardinetti presented an urgent motion to move the elephants to PAWS, to assure them a permanent home in a facility that offers far more space than any zoo, a climate suitable for elephants, and only positive reinforcement training.

IDA sparked the effort to save these elephants in 2009 when we called for closure of the Toronto Zoo’s elephant exhibit following the unprecedented deaths of four elephants in less than four years, and urged the city council to send the elephants to a sanctuary. The zoo also became the first Canadian entry on IDA’s annual Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list. And it is thanks to the hard work and perseverance of ZooCheck Canada that this wonderful victory was finally achieved.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the solitary elephant Lucy in Edmonton and assure that she too can live out her life in a sanctuary in the company of other elephants.

Source: IDA