Please sign and share this petition if you are against this http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Horses_eviscerated_alive_for_fun/?fQLnCab&pv=2
he pain and suffering inflicted on the horses is immense. The fact that this is a “public event” witnessed by all, including children is very harmful to all. This EVENT TEACHES THAT VIOLENCE AND CRUELTY IS FUN. They call it a feast. In the state of Yucatan, Mexico there is a “rodeo” type event called “Torneo de Lazo” where bulls ram horses and eviscerate them. THIS CAUSES A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF PAIN TO THE HORSES. These horses usually collapse and while still alive continue to get trampled by bulls and other horses during the length of this violent and cruel event where horsemen try to lasso the running, charging bulls (the bulls are specifically bred and trained to ram horses).
Although it is against the law, this is only in name. Mexico’s federal government as well as the local authorities do nothing to stop this. This event takes place state wide all year round.
Please demand the Mexican government to put and end to this barbaric event.

Horses from Romania on their Way ….

People are so busy to search for HORSE-MEAT in their “daily meat” -Who asks for horses not for their meat?

My family went for a long time to the horse-market near Polish-German boarder – we bought horses and gave them a home with us, with our other horses. I cannot forget the eyes of horses, stayed back, wounded, sick, …
I have to close the computer for today…

Photo-Credit: CIWF.uk.


Für heute schließe ich den PC; nicht wegen der Attacken auf meinen Rechner, sondern
weil ich diese Fotos nicht mehr verkrafte…wir haben immer wieder Pferde von dem
polnischen Pferdemarkt an der Grenze  zu Deutschland geholt, die Bilder dieser
Tiere sind so lebendig in mir, treiben mir die Tränen in die Augen


Romanian horses being transported, Compassion Investigation, 2009.