Israel outlaws water Fluoridation by seeker401 Thank You! Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that water fluoridation in the country must end by 2014, according to news reports. This landmark decision goes even further than legislation by the health minister Yael German earlier in the year that would have ended mandatory fluoridation nationwide, reports the Irish publication […]

CHAI ALERT: Concern For Helping Animals in Israel

  December 2012 CHAI/HAKOL CHAI ACHIEVES MAJOR STEP TOWARD NATIONWIDE CART HORSE BAN         CHAI/Hakol Chai achieved a major step toward its long-worked for goal of banning horse- and donkey-pulled carts from city streets and highways throughout the country, when Israel‘s Transportation Ministry agreed to accept Hakol Chai’s suggested new regulation to ban […]

Home » News » Israel » DEPT. OF NACHAS Dog Saves Owner from Rocket Strike For Alex Leibowitz and his wife Olga, parents of four, the rocket attack could have had much more serious consequences had it not been for their dog, Louisa. By: Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency Published: November 19th, 2012 Louisa saved […]