You Call Yourself Vegan – But You Are Not.

Cattle on the alp
Cattle on the alp (Photo credit: Darkroom Daze)
English: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s signature.
English: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Real knowledge is to know
the extent of one’s ignorance.”
– Confucius

You Call Yourself Vegan

But you are not.

You eat an occasional slice of pizza
because it is delicious, and nobody can
see you. Occasionally, you lecture others
on animal abuse for doing the same.

You buy chocolate chip cookies while being
aware that milk is used to make those
chocolate bits, but cheating does not
count in the privacy of one’s home after
midnight when watching Saturday Night Live.

You pour whole milk into your coffee, because
2 percent just does not make it, and black
coffee is a joyless drink

You call yourself vegan because it feels good
to pretend that you are, but the animals
continue to suffer due to your lack of commitment.

The human population of the planet earth is greater
than 7.117 billion individuals. If sometime during
the course of this day, each person was to drink
just 1/4 cup of milk blended into the day’s coffee
consumed, that would add up to 445 million quarts.

The average American cow produces 24 quarts of
milk per day. It would require 18.5 million cows
to produce the milk for today’s coffee for the
creamer in every person’s coffee. One third of
the cows in an average milking herd end up
in slaughterhouses each and every year. Six
million cows would die to supply the milk for
all the coffees in the world in 2013.

Vegans who add milk to their coffee with
feigned ignorance and innocence, should accept
partial responsibility for the 16,400 cows who
met death yesterday, and will met her today, and
tomorrow in order for them to drink their lattes.

There are alternatives.

During the two minutes that it took you to read
thus far, twenty-two cows have died fear-filled
painful and tortured deaths in which the contents
of their arteries were sprayed onto bloody
slaughterhouse floors. They all die to dilute
7.117 billion human grande caffe lattes with
milk originally designed for their own children.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than
sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert Cohen